new urban sensitive music for piano and electronics

Jan Gerdes - piano, composition
Dr.Nojoke - electronics, composition

rand is a crossover project at the intersection of classical and electronic music with links to minimal, romantic and contemporary music, Jazz, Ambient, Industrial, Glitch and Clicks

The Berlin based concert pianist Jan Gerdes and the Berlin electronic artist and techno producer Frank Bogdanowitz alias Dr.Nojoke met in autumn 2017 to discuss their different musical spheres. First musical experiments led to the decision to start a collaborative creative project.

Both artists share a fascination for the acoustic and performative blending of individualized, poetic and lyrical piano sound with the epic, orchestral and bizarre soundscapes of electronic music. Within the tension of analogue and digital sounds the artists create fantastic atmospheres and sound scenarios where lonely piano lines meet drone sound walls and repetitive piano patterns exist alongside crystalline electronic impulses.

Gerdes and Bogdanowitz alias rand are interested in the musical balance of romantic piano motifs and rhythmic pulsations as well as contemporary experimental sound structures and their dissociative sounds. Dynamic transitions from fragile acoustic moments to denser, perhaps even monstrous electroacoustic textures prevail here. The process of these transformations reveals the liveliness, the creativity and the magic of their music.

The music of rand describes the state of the fragile individual with his need for shelter and emotionality in an alienated world increasingly shaped by digital technology and urban cold. These fractures and distortions reveal threatening and abysmal scenarios as well as spaces of manifold beauty, poetry and silence.

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rand - video trailer 2019

rand - lucid

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rand - I EP (Kopie)

Disabled Seconds | Voodoo River | Tragically Hip

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Jan Gerdes auf Soundcloud

rand - II (Kopie)

Lucid | Smouldering | San Gimignano

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