New album out on 8th dec 2023 on XJAZZ!Music

Songs and Improvisations

CD: Songs and Improvisations - Jan Gerdes, Piano

„Songs and Improvisations“ skillfully blurs the genre boundaries between classical and jazz, making it a true delight for aficionados of exquisite piano music.

"Songs and Improvisations oscillates between the musical worlds of classical music, jazz, new music and even pop, sometimes sensually intimate, sometimes rhythmically pulsating and yet improvisationally free, based on fully composed or even just sketched thematic cells."

Available on Vinyl, CD and digital.

The first single " EMPTY WALTZ" can already be heard on all digital platforms via

Available on Vinyl, CD and digital.

NMZ Hörbar 8.12.2023, Dr. Martin Hufner